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Thread: Lovebugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post

    Says the OCD guy who travels with plexus and microfiber towels.
    I resemble that!...LOL!
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    Years ago, I remember seeing a folded screen in the trunk of my grandfather's new Buick, I asked about it, "love-bug screen" was his reply, the dealers used to provide them with every new car sold.
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    Love Bugs

    Are these the love bugs that don't cause marital discord?

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    Love bug cleaning

    Being from the South, you just get used to them if riding a motorcycle. I found that a dryer sheet dampened with water and a hose to rinse works wonders in removing the splattered bugs. I got caught riding through a swarm along the Louisiana coast. My bike had no shield or plastic protection. My bike, shirt, pants, and helmet were covered with bug splatter. Got home and threw away my pants and shirt. Clean the bike and helmet asap!

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    We experience the same here in Florida. This past weekend was not as bad as I have seen it though.

    +1 for the dryer sheets and water. It works all the time.

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    I used to hate those things when I lived in Fla.
    You can't imagine what the front of a cab over truck smells like when you stop for fuel in Texas.

    On a lighter note: What's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when he hits your windshield? His ass.

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