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Thread: Parts for Garmin Zumo 500/550 Series GPS

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    Parts for Garmin Zumo 500/550 Series GPS

    While riding my RT today I noticed the rubber cap on the on/off switch for my 550 Garmin Zumo was missing. I have placed a piece of black electrical tape over the opening to keep water etc. out. Any info on where to get a new rubber cap would be helpful. I know the 550 has been discontinued by Garmin. Thanks. Baron.

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    You can contact to see if they still have the parts.

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    Another thought, is to contact Garmin. The 550 is identical hardware wise to the 500.

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    I've had 3 different Garmins updated and repaired at Palmdr/Shortronics as posted above.
    The button repair was one of the repairs I had done.
    Communications are not all by internet. He did take the time to call me with a question so as to keep the repair moving along.
    I'm happy with them.

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    Parts For Garmin Zumo 550

    Thanks for the suggestions, I just sent off a repair request to the recommended vendor.

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    I replaced my display screen on my 550 a while back with one found on Ebay. I just did a quick search for your button and found this.
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    Power Button For Garmin Zumo 550

    Thanks for the E-Bay info. I had searched that site and had not located this vendor. I did get a response from the vendor mentioned earlier in this thread and they have the button plus shipping for under $11 and I ordered it. Chris with that vendor suggested I send him the GPS and have his shop replace the button, seal the other buttons and replace the internal battery for a little under $50. Chris implied that the new button install may be "not trivial". However, I went with the less expensive route. I will let you guys know how this pans out.

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