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Thread: Fever Returns-Logic Is Beaten to Submissiom

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    Angry Fever Returns-Logic Is Beaten to Submissiom

    I have a perfectly wonderful enjoyable 2015 R1200R.

    I have a very wonderful 2016 K1600GT.

    I want to only have one bike.

    I went into my dealer to decide between a GS and an RT.

    I want the Bagger I saw there. A lot. A whole many much very too much very many much dollars lot.

    I am currently wearing a rubber band on my wrist and snap it hard whenever I think of the bike.

    I expect my wrist to be beet red by Monday.

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    Will this help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GotFog View Post
    Will this help?

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    I understand completely...

    ...I am having the same thoughts. Since I am used to riding an RT, I rode a GTL to see if I thought the bike would be too big or too "unsportlike". I thought it was actually pretty nimble, easy to ride, and didn't really feel any bigger than the RT. And that engine is really smooth.

    I put down a deposit on the Bagger that is due to arrive in late September.

    Fortunately, my wife agrees that the bike looks cool and that if I want it, I should get it. Just one of the many reasons I married this girl.
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