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Thread: Replacing the K1300 S clutch pack

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    Replacing the K1300 S clutch pack

    After 85000 miles on my K1300s I made the decision to change the clutch pack with a package made by Barrett. Now to do the job, which looks less complicated than replacing the clutch on my R1100RT. I need to acquire the two BMW tools (the alignment pin, and the driver lock). Does anyone have either of these used tools they would care to sell? If you do please let me know your price via a PM. Remember the cheapest part on a BMW is the rider.


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    Bought the wrench...

    ...but none of the other tools. Wrench was $60 from (Max BMW?).

    I did not buy the 2 or 3 tools needed when you replace the ENTIRE clutch (basket+stack), which I now feel was a mistake. The baskets will be damaged by the clutch pack sliding to engage/disengage, now that Iíve been into mine twice (08 k1200gt) Iíve got to say that replacing the basket is not to be ignored. The added tools are for tightening the oil pumpís chain and pre-loading the starterís gear (I think.) The chain tool might be home made out of welding rod, the other looks like itís buy-only.

    Be patient stacking the plates into the basket, there is truly only one way theyíll fit and they will stay together as a stack. (I stupidly displaced the outer 2 or 3 plates one notch in the basket because I couldnít figure out how to load the basket. Do not do.)

    It is my belief, and only mine, that replacing the aluminum screws for the cover is not strictly necessary. They do not appear to be torque-to-yield, but I get that aluminum cracks so perhaps if your screws are old it might be cheap insurance. I will say that I get ďfizzy in my pantsĒ (Top Gear) every time Iíve replaced that cover, as it just f%^&ing fits perfectly. No glue or goop, a paper gasket thatís laughably thin and fragile. And Iíve never leaked a drop. So needless to say, I follow the tightening schedule like a fanatic to preserve this.

    Finally, Iíll say I love my FatCat slipper clutch. Got tired of biting the windshield with any momentary loss of right-hand concentration. Donít think theyíre making them anymore, but worth investigation. ( If I had to choose between this and a full basket+stack replacement...Iíd die. Thatíd be a very tough choice, especially given (my opinion) that BMWís contractor cuts the plates with a water-jet or EDM thus insuring the perfectly sharp corners will scour the basket to death. (Barrett doesnít, or they grind off those corners. My opinion: this saves the galling slide.)

    Conclusion: Iím not sure you need those tools. A screwdriver works for the crankshaft lock, and the other tools wonít be used if the basket remains in the bike. Disassemble the clutch in place, reload with new stack, put the big core in the middle, put the spring back on, done. Buy the big wrench, good lighting, comfy cardboard seat, good tunes, and youíll be done in no time. Ok, ďno timeĒ + worrying time. (BTW, the big wrenches come up on eBay now and again.)

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