Just a reminder current forecast is 84f and sunny.

We will be having another late summer Tech Day on Saturday September 23rd., from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Current projects on deck:

Ben Robertson replace pushrod tube seals (6am)
Thierry Roullier replace pushrod tube seals (early)
Dave Crawford 10k Tuneup on new to him Bike (??)
Russ (??) I may have the name wrong as it was a phone call and Im horrible with names. rear wheel bearings (??)

Door prizes will be two etched airhead beer glasses and two airhead beer openers. Looking for volunteer to take charge of drawings and prize distributions.
We will have two lifts setup, and most specialized tools, but a heads up for major projects is greatly appreciated. Something off of the smoker will be served for lunch. For the early birds less inclined to worms, there will be coffee and doughnuts.

Address:26254 2200N rd., Lexington, McClean county, IL.

Directions:From Lexington, take South St./County Hwy 8 east to county Hwy21/2600E/Lexington-Leroy blactop.Turn south and travel to 2200N rd. Turn east (left) and go about 1/4 mile. The house is on the north (left) side of the road. There is a pheasant on top of the mailbox.

Anyone who wants to stop by can contact me. 309-251-0877 or woodnsteel1@gmail.com