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Thread: Chicago, Niagara Falls, Maine, NY and everything in between: 2750 Miles

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    Chicago, Niagara Falls, Maine, NY and everything in between: 2750 Miles

    I recently completed a trip from Chicago heading to Niagara Falls. From there we visited the Highlands area of Ontario before making our way all the way to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We then made our way back towards Chicago through Vermont, New Hampshire and Lake Placid in upstate New York. It was a wonderful trip. You can check out my photos, GPS files and all the details over on my blog.

    I planned this trip out by first inputting my destinations into> It is a fantastic site for planning road trips and it really gives you some great suggestions for roadside attractions. This is the link for that if you are interested. They also partner with KOA for all your campers out there. Unfortunately it doesn't export easily to a routing app.

    From there I built my actual route in Garmin's Basecamp. and I have to say it worked out great for the most part. The Garmin really did a great job of finding some twisty roads for us on our route and my Navigator Street worked great.

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    Wonderful trip report, looks like you had a great time. Thanks for taking the time to record it for the rest of us.
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