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Thread: Annual & Winter Mileage Contest

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    Annual & Winter Mileage Contest

    For anyone interested... I have been informed that, "if all goes well" it might be the December issue of ON before the results for either contest will be known. Maybe next year they could do 6 mileage contests instead of 3, and yes I am being sarcastic.
    Gail Thorne
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    Whats the rush? Are there big prizes involved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Whats the rush? Are there big prizes involved?
    I can promise you if $$ was involved ( as far as the MOA making some) it would be right on schedule or ahead of schedule. I just think since the annual contest was from 4/2016 to 4/2017 that would be enough time by now to know...I guess not . The reason I posted this was because someone else had asked a while back about the Winter contest.
    Gail Thorne
    2017 F700GS

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