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Thread: Winnipeg Manitoba riding thru need help finding parts

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    Winnipeg Manitoba riding thru need help finding parts


    I am riding thru Winnipeg Sept 12 -15th 2017. I am on my way from Galetta Ontario to Vancouver. I need help locating a side cover for my 2000 R1150GS while in town.

    If you would be so good as to call or text me. I am on the road and do not have data on my phone. 613-220-0006

    Thank you,
    Simon Hannah

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    Simon -

    Welcome to the forum! I guess you're new enough to the MOA that you don't have access to your Anonymous Book. The online version of this book can be accessed here:

    There is a least one dealer in Winnipeg...Wildwood Motorsports at 1143 Pembina Highway. Phone is (204) 477-1701.
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