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Thread: New guy, hailing from Orange County California

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    New guy, hailing from Orange County California

    Long story short. I bought a 2009 R1200 GSA after 34 years of no riding. I have to say, WOW!

    I wish I had never left, but since being back, I am glad I bought a BMW, the motorcycle community is amazing. There is a lot of Love out there amongst other motorcyclists. But the BMW is another level altogether, almost cult like. You know what? Pour me another glass of that BMW Coolaid! The other riders out there are super friendly. The BMW network of dealerships near me are awesome; Irv Seaver, Long Beach and Riverside. The folks there just want to help you out. Being new to bikes again and particularly BMW, I have a LOT of dumb questions, never did I feel funny about asking. They were all just super patient in answering and explained things.
    I signed up for a three month trial membership; I know I will join full up. This place, BMWOA is a wealth of information and entertainment.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and soon I hope to learn enough to share and give back to this community and motorcyclists in general.

    Thanks again,

    Keeping my head on a swivel and the rubber side on the ground!
    Be safe my friends...

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    Welcome to the world of BMWs! The Irv Seaver bunch is top notch. You're in good hands!!
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    Welcome and enjoy that bike! Good to have you here.

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    Welcome back! Long Beach and Irv Seaver's are both great shops; get on Seaver's mailing list to receive news and info, especially their Saturday barbecues (with talks and discounts). Haven't been to the Riverside shop yet. Being in OC, you should also know about Lior's Motoride, and if it's not out of your way, Valdi's is a great shop too

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