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Thread: RECALL: G310R European Commision :Alert number: A12/1200/17

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBCasey View Post

    regarding your personal torque wrenches; do you ever get them calibrated? I work as a federal technician on Blackhawk helicopters and our torque wrenches are sent into calibration annually.

    I didn't know if there was a civilian version of our calibration lab.

    I have had my 3/8" drive wrench checked once - I forget the lab - but I did find has labs at 20 locations. I also have beam style wrenches and can compare the two types from time to time.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Torque Wrench Calibration

    Daryl and Paul: While I was vaguely aware torque wrenches should periodically be re-certified, I've never understood just how that's done. Does the inspection involve "resetting" the wrench to spec, or merely advising the owner how far out of specification the wrench is? I've never sent one for certification and until this thread, didn't have a clue where one might do so. Would be nice if vendors included that information at the time of purchase. I am a little surprised they do not - you'd think there is some liability involved. But come to think of it, I do not recall ever buying a torque wrench that came with an inspection certificate when new, either. Mmmm....
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    Yes - When I was working aerospace, there was an on-site Metrology Lab that handled all instrument calibrations, with traceability of their own equipment right back to the National Bureau of Standards.
    If a torque wrench was out of spec, it was taken apart and adjusted.
    We also had several certified torque measurement devices in the smaller project labs (also periodically recalibrated), and we were required to verify a wrench before using it.

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    Torque = Force X Distance, both easily measured quantities, no rocket science or voodoo here.

    Calibration takes time and care, but is not very difficult. See YouTube and Google for the how-to. The desired precision is not as great as you might think.

    The ANSI Standard allows 4% of reading error between 20% and 100% of wrench capacity. Below 20% ANSI allows an error in reading
    equal to 0.8% of wrench capacity.

    Use a known force - weights measured with an accurate scale (digital is nice).
    Use a known distance - measured with a ruler.

    I have two beam wrenches, three Harbor Freight clickers, and a Harbor Freight digital torque adapter. The click-types had 0 - 1.5% error at 80% capacity, now adjusted to 0-0.5% just because I could. Re-tested yearly, only one has ever needed re-calibration.
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    Learn Something Here Just About Every Day...

    Thanks fellows. Now I have a project mission - torque wrench calibration! (Thanks to a thread on the G310R recall and I don't even own one.....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Robotics may be cheaper and faster, but unless programmed correctly, it is not better than humanity. Calipers too loose is a robot not programmed correctly. A human with a torque wrench would be more reliable but also more costly.
    The robotic "tool" that tightens fasteners utilizes a closed loop system. The "program" doesn't blindly instruct to turn fastener eleven times. The "program" looks for a demonstrated torque value signal from a sensor in the "chuck" mechanism. The robot is no more capable of overcoming a faulty torque sensor (electro/mechanical problem) than a human with a faulty torque wrench.

    These "failures" are extremely rare. The robot will reproduce exact results every time so in a manufacturing arena they are not only more efficient but more predictable than a human hand. In this case the repeatability produced an identical defect in multiple devices. This is not a good outcome but better than random defects in in different locations due to human error.

    BMW "lean" manufacturing utilizes only 5% manual effort. Klaus with a torque wrench in hand doesn't exist on the line in Berlin. PGlaves is correct in that a BMW motorcycle manufactured and assembled manually would be vastly more expensive and I am forced to add would see a huge increase in defects.

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