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    New Detroit member

    Hello! After many years off from riding, I finally pulled the trigger and bought my dream bike -- a 14' R1200RT. Still getting used to all the fancy bells and whistles! Still learning the bike, about to take the jump and try and hook up a BT headset. Look forward to doing some rides soon.
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    Welcome to the forum! Nice bike to motor around on. Don't forget to add your location to your profile so people get an idea of the area you're riding in and can offer suggestions/ideas for support in your area.
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    Welcome to the forum! Originally from Windsor, Ontario myself but now living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I usually tell people I'm from the "Detroit area" when they ask. Easier to explain and I think it sounds more bada$$ than Windsor or Gross Point for that matter. Cheers!
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    After 27 (long) years off I'm back to riding - finally! Just bought a new 2017 F700GS in "Racing Red" - Loving it!

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