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Thread: 2012 k1600 GTL overheating. Help!

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    2012 k1600 GTL overheating. Help!

    I bought the bike new it overheated the first time at 5,000 miles and I have fought it ever since. I now have 55k on it, just getting back from a week in the rockies and every day at some point temperature would climb. over 40 mph it stays cool, under 30 no matter what gear or what RPM temperature climbs. Every time I take the bike in for service they try something else, nothing has worked. Flush radiator, new thermostat, new fan and new water pump. I take it back to the dealership this Friday and I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion. Love my bike, just want it fixed.

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    Angry Overheating GTL

    I can't help but I can commiserate. My 2013 GTL behaves the same way. I haven't been through all the attempted fixes yet, and am disappointed to see none have worked for you so far. At speed, in cooler temperatures, the bike rides like a dream. At stop lights in warm weather, it heats up within thirty seconds. In stop and go traffic in warm weather, the fan kicks in quickly but does little to slow the rising temperature gauge. This past August I was riding up Pike's Peak, the temp was in the fifties but because of traffic the pace was slow (30 mph or less). There were no places to turn off and no way to turn around and the engine came close to glowing red. Something isn't right...

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    And the dealer used the correct coolant AND a vacuum filler to charge the system? Lots of small passages there to trap air pockets...

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