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Thread: New to BMW (R1150RT in Japan)

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    New to BMW (R1150RT in Japan)

    Just bought a bike from a local BMW dealer. It was first registered here in Japan in June 2001. About 70,000 KM (43.5K miles) on the meter. It came with a nice set of manuals (BMW Motorrad Safety Book, Rider's Manual and Maintenance Instructions), all in Japanese. It'd be easier to read them in English if possible. It is an old bike, but is there a suggested route for getting a set from the maker, for example?
    Also, right out of the gate the ABS went on the blink and the dealer replaced it. Suggestions about this or other systems to watch out for on this year/model?
    Thank you much,

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    Welcome to the forum and BMW, Ray! Maybe to fire up that phone app for translation! I would think that a dealer would be able to get you English manuals. Others might have suggestions. There is this site for emanuals...I've never explored it much, though:
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    This won't help Ray, but for models since 2004, PDFs are available from BMW:
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