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Thread: Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park

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    Sorry. A poor choice in words. I think though that some of those fires will continue till the cooler weather comes in along with the rains.

    In the meantime, the smoke continues and will affect anyone traveling through the areas affected.
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    There are fires in Montana that there is little hope of controlling until the weather changes. Drought, strong winds, high temperatures, rough terrain and over stretched resources are factors that mean some fires may burn into October. In fact, it is more likely that the number of fires will increase over the next month rather than decline.
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    Most of the uncontrolled fires currently burning in BC are uncontrollable with any amount of resources. The topography makes ground access near impossible and the scale of the fires and levels of smoke being produced limit what can be done from the air. The greatest efforts are typically focused on protecting communities and other valuable assets. Fortunately, many of the fires are in more remote areas with limited habitation.
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    Hate to be a spoil-sport, but...

    OP, you will want to look at the Glacier NP website (assuming you have a device to do so on the road.) The Sprague Fire is creating havoc in the park and at last report (that I saw, anyway) the western side of Going-to-the-Sun road is closed and the area has been evacuated.

    Hope this clears up quickly!

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