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Thread: RTW Seating Options?

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    My problem with OEM seats on 4 of my RTs going back to the oilhead is that they were all too springy/bouncy for me. When I'd hit certain bumps the seat springs would compress and then launch my butt off the seat, with sometimes even a second rebound after my butt came back down, which was unsettling. Changing to aftermarket seats like Corbin and BMS always fixed that problem completely -- no launching -- in addition to being more comfortable to me on long rides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExGMan View Post
    Makes me wonder after reading the lengthy fine print, conditions and qualifications if these seats might be made by lawyers.

    Made in Mexico, exported and imported via Tucson.

    Stock foam is retained, “polar mesh” cover is added. Material can be bought on eBay for $10-20. Just search for air mesh motorcycle seat.

    Terrible customer service at Kontour.

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    The Sargent seat is the best value in my opinion. You can order them off the shelf, have a return policy, are quality products and you don't sacrifice your stock seat to build them so you can resell them if you sell the bike. I had a custom leather seat made for my K12GT and the custom seat was far superior in comfort to the stock seat. Leather will allow rain to soak the foam so that is a concern when it is wet out but it also allows the foam to dry. I recall I paid $800 for leather on the front and rear, retaining the stock heat elements on both seats but only changing the foam on the front seat.

    My Sargent seat experience was on my R1150RT. The week after it came, I went on a 1500 mile long weekend (yes, I was crazy) and had no issues with having a sore butt. It worked for me.
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    I just took a 2600 mile trip on my new kon tour seat. I sent them my low seat and I got back a seat that is as hard as a rock, lucky fo me I had a Air Hawk seat with me and that saved the day.
    Bob n Waco, Tx

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    Custom seat fitment

    The commercial after-market seats can be quite good, but there is little substitute for having a seat built exactly for you (and, maybe, pillion passenger) by a builder you can visit. In my case, living in the Portland, OR metropolitan area, I used Don Weber at Mr. Ed's Moto in Albany, OR. He's a BMW owner and MOA member, and past honcho in the Oregon BMWOR club, so very familiar with others' comments (and complaints) about the stock seats. Other seat builders local to you can likely do very good work - but they can do their best if you can be physically there to get measured and test-fit during the build process. For me, 76,000mi later, it was well worth the time and money, for both me and "Wifey".
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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    Thanks for all the feedback! It's always good to hear from people who have used the products, and not rely on the shiny pics and websites. I was offered a brand new Sargent seat by a fellow member (thanks, Bill!), and had my first ride on it today. The position is different than the stock unit, but I think it will be optimized once I install the dropped pegs. The heating element is definitely operational, much more than the stocker. Two bars on the screen, and I needed to dial it back. I hope to get at least one good trip in before the end of the season,and see how it feels.

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    I have a BMW high, heated seat for sale if anyone is interested....

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    I have never had a problem with the stock seat. I made two coast to coast to coast rides on my CLC, and have made one coast to coast to coast on my RT...both with stock seats.

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    I have a Sargent seat with the heat option. I had good luck with a Sargent on an old GSA, so I went with the company again with my RT. I have no complaints -- it is a comfortable day-long saddle. I also like that their heated seat integrates perfectly with the OEM heat controller. It is true plug and play.

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    Every butt is different but an Airhawk works for me on my RT. I can do 10 hours days easily. Beads and sheepskin don't help me much.

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