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Thread: S1000XR Top Case Opinions

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    Real nice jhgilbert. I have the exact same setup and color as you. Except for those crash bars - which ones are those?

    I just got back from a 2,000 mile trip down Appalachia and the top case and hard cases with liners were fabulous. Highly recommend them. The tank bag on the other hand required lengthening of the front straps to make it sit on top of the gas cap as designed.

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    The crash bars are BMW's. Like most of BMW's stuff, it's pricey, but it also tends to be very good quality. I liked the nickel-plated vs. the other black, aftermarket ones from SW Motech, Krakauer, GIVI, etc. I looked at everything I could find and still like these the best.

    As for the tank bag, mine sits over the gas cap as it is. It makes filling up a bit longer process, but it's a great place to stow the cell phone, water bottles, glass cases, snack and tire pressure gage. Everything is a compromise...aka: "there are no free lunches."

    Be sure to ask your favorite dealer for discounts. They are well aware that BMW's stuff is pretty high priced.

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    I have the BMW vario top case and love it.

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