I just bought a new-to-me 2016 S1000XR to use as my daily commuting bike (about 20 miles each way in the San Francisco Bay area). The bike currently has some large Givi Outback side cases which I’m planning on taking off to make lane splitting easier.

I want to add a top case for storage, just for daily stuff (lunch, laptop, rain suit, etc.) and can’t decide between the small 30 liter Givi Trekker Dolomiti, or the BMW (or similar) more aero top case. I like the clunky look of the “off road” cases but I don’t necessarily want to look too much like a pizza delivery guy, either…

I got a great recommendation for the BMW Vario Top Case (with an adapter for the S1000XR). Any thoughts on that? Seems like a good option to me.

Opinions? Photos of your bike with options? THANKS