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Thread: R1200 GS Adventure saddlebag mount recall.

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    R1200 GS Adventure saddlebag mount recall.

    Is there any truth regarding a " Do Not Ride" recall on saddlebag mounts for R1200 GSA. I heard this Saturday, 27 Aug 2017 at my BMW dealer?

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    Haven't anything besides the front fork recall. Would be interested to hear something else on this. With respect to aluminum factory mounts or aftermarket?

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    mika usually keeps us up on any recalls. I don't recall seeing anything like that for saddle bags. You can look through the latest posted recalls here:

    If there's something specific out for your bike, use your VIN to search here:
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    My Guess it has to do with this-
    Stop ride?
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    Yes, there is a recall (in the U.S., and Canada). The recall has to do with rear reflectors on a number of BMW models (typically those models where side cases are not standard equipment, like GSs/GSAs, S1000XR, R1200RS etc.). If the owner purchases optional BMW side bags (like the aluminum cases for the GSA), the bags themselves do not come with red reflectors, and the red reflectors on the bike are obscured by the bags. Moreover, on the GSA, the recalls indicate that even the stock GSA racks by themselves (with no cases mounted) can obscure the red reflectors on the bike. There is no stop sale order on bikes; it's just that dealers cannot sell the optional cases (and in the case of the GSA, the dealer must remove the stock GSA racks before delivery). There is no indication when a solution will be available. One would presume that they'll simply apply red reflectors to the cases, but for the GSA, they must also solve the problem of the racks themselves blocking the reflectors on the rear of the bike.
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