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Thread: So Cal toll road users

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    So Cal toll road users

    Hello all

    I frequently fly/drive to SoCal, and having family that lives all over the area, I drive on freeways that have toll lanes. I would be really nice, sometimes, not to have to sit in traffic on the 91 and the 10.

    My question is, does the FastTrack transponder work on all tolls roads in CA? or do I need to get a Metro one for LA county and then another one for the 91 and 73 in OC? And another one for SFO area if I opt to visit friends there?

    Heading back again in October, would love to have something ready to go by then, if possible.


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    California law mandates that they work on all systems. That includes bridge tolls such as Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

    I believe for Metro Express motorcycles no longer need the transponder.

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    and if there is no toll road available, motorcycles are allowed to ride solo in the carpool lane in case you want to bring your bike with you next time

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    SO here's the deal.

    Motorcycles don't need a transponder on the 10 or 110, period. BUT, you may get billed....every month I have to call them and have them adjust my bill for the motorcycle rides.

    Motorcycles CAN be free on the 91 if you have a motorcycle specific acct with them. If you have a regular acct, or use the LA County Metro transponder, you get charged.

    The MetroExpress transponder is "switchable", which means if you have two or three in your vehicle it's free, but you can still use the lanes as a solo driver and pay. Last week Metro said that 25% of solo drivers set their transponder to the carpool mode.

    Metro charges a $1.00/mo "service charge", even if you only carpool with it.
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    Since I'll be out that way during the upcoming holidays.. I'm guessing an EZPass (very common in the rest of the country) isn't going to work?

    Edit - a quick search reveals - it isn't gonna work. I guess nationwide interoperability is just a silly dream..
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    We flew down this time, so not able to take advantage of the motorcycle 'freebie'. My brother offered to loan me his but we ended up not using it. Decided to take the freeways with carpool lanes and avoided the tolls. Only had to sit in traffic twice, but that was expected (10 e/b from Santa Monica on a Friday night...hahaha and Riverside to LAX on a Wednesday morning) It was bad when I lived there, its only gotten worse.

    But I did use my WA Good 2 Go pass for the first time when we got back to Seattle. That was nice. Record time from SEA to Hwy 2. yay!!!
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