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Thread: Altrider Engine Bars for 2018 K1600GTL

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    Altrider Engine Bars for 2018 K1600GTL

    Picking up a 2018 GTL next week, and want to be pro-active about engine/crash bars. Ordered a set of AltRider bars, and then found out that AltRider says they do not fit the 2018. I have compared the 2016 to the 2018, and the only difference I can see in the mount points is the addition of the small plastic guard on the right side engine case. Illium uses the same bars for 2016-2018 models, and according to John at Illium you simply remove the plastic cover and use a 5mm shorter bolt in the one hole. Then install the bar as on previous models. Upper mounting points are not identified as having any change.

    So the question is, can I simply do the same (remove the plastic guard) with the AltRider bars? Seems to me that it should work, but I am looking for specific information as to why it won't from anyone who has tried it. I can still return the AltRider bars to Revzilla but would really like to use them if possible.

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    AltRider Bars DO WORK on 2017 + K1600's

    Picked up my new 2018 GTL on Saturday, really bummed that AltRider told me their engine protection bars wouldn't fit. As I said in previous post, only difference I could see in the 2017 + models is that little plastic guard on the right side of the engine. Knowing that I couldn't return the bars to Revzilla if things didn't work out, I decided to take a chance. YES!! Everything fit great, I simply trimmed about 1" off of the back end of the plastic guard to make room for the engine guard mounting plate on the engine, put it back in place and secured it with the smaller bolt in front.

    If you don't want to trim the plastic guard, just leave it off but replace the smaller bolt with one that is 5mm shorter. Original is too long without the plastic guard.

    Worked like a charm. Here's the pic.
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    Sweet! You roll of the dice worked out! Is this useful info for AltRider/Revzilla?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    Sweet! You roll of the dice worked out! Is this useful info for AltRider/Revzilla?
    I think so, especially since the person I talked to at AltRider said they have no plans to make the bars for 2017 + models because "they don't have much business for this item!". I let him know that it is one of the more highly recommended engine guards on this forum and that my local BMW dealer recommends them as well. I have sent a message with the details of the install to AltRider. Will call Revzilla tomorrow.
    Ride safe.

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    This is great news.

    I just bought a 2018 GTL today and started looking for bars to find none.

    My 2011 that I traded in has ALtrider bars and I really like them. I am glad I can make a set work for the 2018. Thanks.

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    I installed the Altrider bars Friday.

    Instead of cutting the plastic engine guard I simply removed it.

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