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Thread: New member and bike

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    Cool New member and bike

    Picked up this beauty yesterday and took a 200 mile ride home.

    Traded the 2013 Multistrada GT - got a great deal on a 2016 BMW Executive Demo with 173 miles, a great dealer experience at Kissell Motorsports in State College PA.
    New location, *St Augustine FL and commute - 35 mins on I95, made a switch back to a bigger bike an easy decision, as the Multi gets blown around by bigger vehicles especially on the highway.
    The bike is extremely smooth and fast - definitely the easiest bike to ride fast that I have ever ridden, and really handled well on some secondary roads.
    Gotta learn a lot on the electronics - hopefully can get the wife on the back of this bike more, she never really got along with the Multi and liked the C14 seating better - haven't decided which top case yet.
    Any hints or tips let me know.

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    Paul -

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like the new bike will be better suited for commuting.

    Looks like there are some settings on your photo account that need to be updated...your picture doesn't show on the forum.
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