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Thread: Ear buds in a helmet?

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    Klipsch X11i

    As a pro pilot I work hard to protect what's left of my hearing. I have always used hearing protection in my helmet as the wind noise is well above hearing damage whenever you get above 60 mph. Riding in a 20 mph headwind at highway speeds puts you at 90 plus for noise.

    I have used Klipsch X11i for years because they completely isolate the outside noise similar to ear plugs and they have a very, very small drivers that I can wear all day. My wife and I use Sena helmet comms with excellent readability with hearing protection in. Also, the sound quality is amazing!

    Just my two cents


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    Good morning. I have just ordered one of the ISOtunes Pro ear buds, which provide provide ANSI-certified 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), as well as Bluetooth connectivity for receiving phone calls and listening to music. I normally ride with foam earplugs to protect my hearing. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this brand. Should they prove to be uncomfortable, or fiddly to work with, they will most defiantly come in handy while working in my woodshop at home. Here is a link to describe the features...


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    NAV VI and Blue Tooth Buds?

    I think I already know the answer but want to verify it with those who really know. If I want to use wireless ear buds SOLELY so that I can hear navigation directions from a NAV VI, is this pairing possible? I've no interest in music, intercom, etc., and so SENA 20, et. al., would overkill. (I like paper maps in a tank bag window, but sometimes GPS Nav units can tell you about traffic/accidents in time to plot alternate routes. I have an 8-yr-old portable Garmin I use for this in the car, but it is not Bluetooth-capable and obviously won't interface with a R1200 GSA whiz-wheel.) Thanks.
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