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Thread: What are the odds

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    What are the odds

    I was out on my RS and got behind some slow cars just before a nice long stretch of twisties so I pulled into a view point to let the traffic clear. There was a fellow biker sitting there, does double take and with a big smile comes over. Turns out he was the original owner. Was interesting to get the history of the bike, he got some pictures as all his were lost in a fire. Really what are the odds?
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    Our world is smaller and more intimate than we are led to believe. All things are connected, we simply can not see the ties that bind us on most days... sometimes the cosmos will reveal a sliver of truth, I suspect to let us know that we are not alone on this journey.
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    The term I use is "intersectionality" for such things. Not a real word perhaps, but it conveys the idea that Reece is expressing: that life is like a big web and we are all somewhere on that web and we are connected in some fashion. Whenever, and wherever, one thing happens (or one person acts), a tiny pulse is sent across that web and you and I will "feel" or sense the movement. We may not notice it and therefore we may miss the connection, but when we do sense the pulse ... it can be an awe-inspiring moment in our lives.

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