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Thread: New guy on the forum... not so new to spinning wrenches, but advice very appreciated

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    New guy on the forum... not so new to spinning wrenches, but advice very appreciated

    Good day ladies & gents - Working on a wonderful 81 R 65 w/ R80 engine upgrades... very nice machine. It's motorcycle #54... and no, I don't still have them all (darn it). It has the Reynolds Star Bag Mounts with the adjustable rear package shelf (fore and aft). Unfortunately the assembly is not on the motorcycle and it isn't painfully obvious what goes where... I believe I have all of the positioning and mounting spots correct but not sure about the top front mounting position and/spacers (or missing spacers).

    If anyone has pictures of one installed, close up, or instructions, wow I would appreciate it!!

    Thanks all... Ride well!

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    Welcome to the forum! Interesting combo...R65 frame with R80 engine!

    As for the Reynolds mount, see if there's any help here:

    The Star mounts are specific model numbers depending on the bike model. Hopefully you have the right mounts for your year R65.
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    Thanks for the reply

    Hey- thanks for the prompt response. I looked over Duane's web page... wow... what a wealth of Knowledge!! I'm certainly a novice with BMW compared to him and will enjoy looking over the info.
    Unfortunately, I didn't see any instructions, or close up pics of the top mounts for the rack. I believe it is the R-268 kit... the moveable luggage rack, so you can open the seat. I'm primarily concerned with the top front mounts, where they mount at the top shock area. I'm looking for exact position, and spacers/washers that belong there.

    The bags are the thinner ones... actually Star-lets according to Duane's site (see I learned something already), and the bag mounts themselves seem like they will be ok. I just need to figure out the correct position of those other mounts.

    And by the way... point of clarification on my part... the R65 to 80 thing appears to be converted by changing the top end and I don't know what else to make it fit/tune/run properly... she runs very strong. This is only my second Airhead, so am learning as I wrench. Worked at a BMW / Multi line dealership for 18 years though, so I've seen most everything and worked on a lot of it.

    Thanks again for your assistance!

    Hoping for a couple close up pics... and I'll be all set!!

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