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Thread: New old man in Central Kentucky

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    New old man in Central Kentucky

    Today I turned 60 years young and am wanting to get back to riding after taking about a 15 year lapse.
    My first bmw was a 1971 /5 I bought in 1976 for about 750 dollars ( the good old days), I rode it for several years before financial considerations forced me to sell it.
    In 1988 I purchased a 1978 R100RS and restored it to glory riding it for many years before it got put away in a shed and just sat there for about 10 years, The pushrod tubes and the cylinder bases leaked oil like a sieve so I just parked it.
    Now I am semi retired and wanting to get it back on the road. I have changed it from a RS to more of a RT with a Luftmeister fairing and RT handlebars. It is much more comfortable for me to ride.
    I have questions but I will place them in a more appropriate forum. Just wanted to say hi.
    Dave Legg

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Central Kentucky is a nice area. We were in Bardstown last week.
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