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Thread: Another German brand fanatic here... :)

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    Another German brand fanatic here... :)

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum, live in DC area, VA, riding since 2004, on and off… My first bike was R1200C, and my last bike was R1200GSAW. “Was” - since I just sold it, not sure why, was not thinking straight I guess... and now thinking of getting another one, not sure which one just yet. Hope to get an idea here.


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    Welcome to the forum! Certain lots of ideas for bikes from people've had a cruiser and a super off-road bike. Do you want to go fast? S1000...yowser! Road eating miles on the K1600. Lots to choose from! Good luck!!
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    You have had two very different motorcycles. Maybe you should run down to Morton's and look the bikes to people about what they ride, etc.
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