I bought my K1600 this year, first BMW. I have put 4000 miles on it in the last 3 months. Love the bike but I have this weird issue. Since I have small hands reaching the clutch is an issue to begin with. I purchased a Wunderlich adjustable clutch handle that made it better but it seems that the clutch grabs at a different distance from the bar every time I pull the clutch.

Not knowing how far from the bar the clutch will grab is not something that I have ever experienced on any other bike. My friend has a 2013 K1600GT and has never had this issue.

I checked the level of the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir on the bar and it seems to be over filled a bit but I honestly do not know when to check the fluid. Hot, cold, on the center stand (this is what I did) or...

Has anyone ever heard of this before? Could this indicate clutch wear? (the clutch has never slipped yet) Could this be the level of the hydraulic fluid? Or???

When I bought the bike it had 11,700 miles on it and I had the 12,000 service done. The bike now has 15,800 miles on it. The bike started life as an executive bike for a BMW employee (maybe some thrashing there) cant think of any other history that could be helpful. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.