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Thread: 1970 R75/5 #2970531 Restoration

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    Wow, looks great!

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    Happy Friday People.

    .... So I have a question and hoping someone can help. Going to install front turn signals and only see one wire that I feed though headlight 'dogears' and out of turn signal brackets (see pic). I'm thinking there should be two wires based on the fact that the back of the turn signal housing has two receivers. Second wire is probably a ground wire??? I left entire wiring harness in tack and don't see another wire? Any thoughts, observations, suggestions?
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    That's yer hot wire. Housing/frame ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ebeeby View Post
    That's yer hot wire. Housing/frame ground.
    Right, the aluminum signal pods ground themselves via continuity thru the stems and the frame. If your bulb holder has 2 terminals you might create a jumper wire if needed. I haven't had my turn signal lenses off in quite some time and don't remember what the inside of mine look like. Maybe you might tin one end of a wire with solder and fish it in to the place where the pod is fitted to the stem near the pinch bolt. This is an approximation of the ground connection for the black plastic turn signal pods of 1975 and later airheads.
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