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Thread: new member, owner of BMW C650GT

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    new member, owner of BMW C650GT

    Hi all, had a few bugs with the site but looks like I got it set up now.

    Posting from Ontario Canada here, in the Georgian Bay Region.

    Happy new owner of a C650GT and hoping the forums will be helpful as far as any general questions or discussion about the bike,
    or info about maintenance.

    I found with this bike, nobody within 200 km of me will touch it. They claim the technology is too advanced on these
    C-series machines and they require special tools and training to work on it. I have to take it to a motorad dealer to
    even so much as change the oil!

    2000 km service is done, hoping I don't need to do anything for at least another 10000 km.

    Leaving for a 10 day bike trip to Gaspe Quebec with this new bike on Tuesday. Will post a few notes about how the trip is going.

    Take care all and feel free to respond!


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    Richard -

    Welcome to the forum! Didn't know where Gaspé Quebec was...made me look!! Look forward to see your postings...put something up in the Ride Reports section for all to follow.
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    Bmw c650gt

    Also have a 2017 C650GT.
    Very satisfied with bike. Fortunately for me, my dealer is only 20 miles away.

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    Welcome! Like your ride!

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