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Thread: Summer Rants & Pet Peeves

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I believe his peeve is that drivers do not use the signal until after entering the exit ramp or starting other turns. It is as if many drivers think the meaning of a turn signal is, "Hey y'all, look what I just did!!"
    I sort of expect that behavior for freeway exits. My pet peeve (well, one of them anyway ) is on secondary roads when someone jams on the brakes, starts turning into the sideroad/driveway, THEN activates the turn signal. Driving is merely an afterthought with these folks.

    On a side note, it will be interesting to see if our new distracted driving law has much affect on drivers. From personal observation the State Patrol seems to be really focusing on this issue currently.
    Bill Johnston

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    Anticipating a ride on a twisty road only to end up behind a car that can't drive the speed limit, which is already too slow for enjoyable motorcycling, and then slows down even more in curves. PS: You can't pass on these roads either.

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    Finding a nice twisty stretch of road only to be stuck behind a long gaggle of H-D riders riding their trundle-busses in formation 10mph below the limit and braking for every corner. Nary a head turn in the bunch, an easy observation given their helmetless heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    I believe his peeve is that drivers do not use the signal until after entering the exit ramp or starting other turns. It is as if many drivers think the meaning of a turn signal is, "Hey y'all, look what I just did!!"
    Ok, that makes sense.
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    I am with you WalterK75. On a /5 opportunities to pass are limited anyway. If the situation looks hopeless and long term I pull over and check text messages or otherwise occupy myself for a minute or two. It gives "Speedy" a chance get far enough ahead that I usually do not catch up to him again. With luck he is enticed by a yard sale and off the road completely.
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    Cell phones... PERIOD! I am NOT a luddite!
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    Quote Originally Posted by royce View Post
    Just returned from two weeks of running around the NW quadrant of the USA plus up into BC and Alberta. I was wonderfully surprised by how civilized and good the drivers were for the most part. But ... the one pet peeve for me is folks, both cagers and motorcyclists, who pull up to a gas pump and then go inside for a LONG time and thus capture the fuel pump so on one else can use it until they return. Seems like they are usually using the bathroom, or buying lottery tickets, or buying lunch or whatever. Why do folks do that????
    This one raises my hackles as well. Folks seem oblivious how busy some stations are and just walk away to leave their car in the shade typically.
    Had three or four Cruisers blocking a local limited pump station taking up two pump islands and looked up to see them sitting at the tables in front of store eating breakfast as folks were circling for an empty space. I gave them an applause clap when they looked out my way...they just waved and clueless
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    All of these are pet peeves of mine. It would be nice if everyone was perfect like me!

    Regarding texting & cell phones in general..... While on a ride recently, Paul & I were behind a ding bat woman, obviously using her phone and driving really slow. We were all in a left turn lane and the ding bat just pulls into the median & stops, blocking any traffic behind her (US), and she is looking down (obviously texting). Paul gives his horn a blast and does she move? Nooooooooo, she rolls her window down and waves us around, still blocking any traffic behind her!! After all, her & her text is WAY more important than the safe flow of traffic .
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    The drivers who believe it is their duty to regulate the speed of traffic by driving next to car in the other lane......FOR EVER. They normally take the passing lane. Pull up next to a car in the slow lane and match their speed. They know your there and will not move.

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    The drivers who are holding up traffic in the narrow twisty parts of the road then suddenly when a passing lane appears instantly accelerate to well beyond the speed limit so no more than perhaps one vehicle can pass them, then slow back down as soon as the lane ends.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    My pet peeve is when the only car behind me, passes only to then quickly cut in front of me to exit onto a freeway ramp. Why can't they wait twenty or thirty seconds and just exit without the drama?
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    Thank you Royce, us NW people for the most part try to be polite!

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    My pet peeve is drivers who rush to enter traffic ahead of you then slowly accelerate.
    Also drivers who can't maintain their speed on highways. You pass them, they'll accelerate after you've pulled ahead and pass you, then slow down again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EUGENE View Post
    Thank you Royce, us NW people for the most part try to be polite!
    Eugene, you are welcome. BTW, this is a blast from the past for me; we (family) lived in Gig Harbor for about four years while I was stationed at Fort Lewis back in the early 80s. We have been back a few times on vacations and the place only vaguely resembles what we remember, but it is still very beautiful. I would have happily retired from the Army and lived there for the rest of my days, but both my wife's family and my family had other ideas.
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    We have a real problem here with people who merge onto the highway, then accelerate, rather than using the on ramp for its intended purpose to accelerate then merge. The reverse problem is also true for many drivers exiting the highway. They will decelerate in the highway lane, then exit, rather than use the mile long exit lane for its intended purpose.

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