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Thread: My butt hurts. A lot. Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by easternshoremd View Post
    You might try a 50/50 mix of hydrocortizone and a zinc based diaper rash cream on your butt. Just don't ask where I got the recipe.

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    On a long trip I carry both an Airhawk and a beaded seat.

    I change what I sit on several times a day and it really helps. Changes the pressure points.
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    Thought it was the seat however...........

    Began having Butt pain in the late 90's and thought it was the seat. Long story short and several seats bought, I discovered that I have L-5 Degenerative Disc Disease causing problems. Chiropractor visits and core strength training help as well as Tai Chi. Secondly, as we get older most of us have shrinking asses, ergo less muscle to absorb road shock and our weight. Lastly, as I get older, sometimes my back just throws a hissie fit just because it can. As for seats, "comfy" is not always good. While some people bitch about Corbin, I have had good results from them and the ones I have had were always firm. Look for something that takes pressure OFF your tailbone. In 99 I had a stock seat fitted with an air bladder with which I could adjust the air pressure. To this day, it was the best seat I ever found as relates to comfort. Unfortunately, that company seems to have gone out of business. Some people swear by the Airhawks and good for them; I have not had such luck; though I had one on a K1200LT which I moved forward to keep pressure off my tailbone and firm up the stock marshmallow seat. This worked fairly well. The key is to stay OFF your tailbone. Get to a doctor to find out if you have anything going on with your spine; (hint, if you are over 45, you probably do). Stay away from opiates but listen to your Chiropractor and Tai Chi Sifu. Yoga is also said to be helpful.
    Hope this rambling yak of mine is of some help.


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