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Thread: My butt hurts. A lot. Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by easternshoremd View Post
    You might try a 50/50 mix of hydrocortizone and a zinc based diaper rash cream on your butt. Just don't ask where I got the recipe.

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    On a long trip I carry both an Airhawk and a beaded seat.

    I change what I sit on several times a day and it really helps. Changes the pressure points.
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    Thought it was the seat however...........

    Began having Butt pain in the late 90's and thought it was the seat. Long story short and several seats bought, I discovered that I have L-5 Degenerative Disc Disease causing problems. Chiropractor visits and core strength training help as well as Tai Chi. Secondly, as we get older most of us have shrinking asses, ergo less muscle to absorb road shock and our weight. Lastly, as I get older, sometimes my back just throws a hissie fit just because it can. As for seats, "comfy" is not always good. While some people bitch about Corbin, I have had good results from them and the ones I have had were always firm. Look for something that takes pressure OFF your tailbone. In 99 I had a stock seat fitted with an air bladder with which I could adjust the air pressure. To this day, it was the best seat I ever found as relates to comfort. Unfortunately, that company seems to have gone out of business. Some people swear by the Airhawks and good for them; I have not had such luck; though I had one on a K1200LT which I moved forward to keep pressure off my tailbone and firm up the stock marshmallow seat. This worked fairly well. The key is to stay OFF your tailbone. Get to a doctor to find out if you have anything going on with your spine; (hint, if you are over 45, you probably do). Stay away from opiates but listen to your Chiropractor and Tai Chi Sifu. Yoga is also said to be helpful.
    Hope this rambling yak of mine is of some help.


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    Thanks for all the advice people! I ended up buying a Russell Day Long seat in Redding, CA at their location. Lucky for me they happened to have a seat for my bike and my body size sitting around that someone ordered a few years ago and never picked up! Otherwise they re ~3 months out. My god it's like night and day! My modification to the seat angle did help a fair bit, but the Russell seat makes riding actually comfortable, not just bearable!

    I'll post a picture of the mod I made that did indeed help with the 'sliding forward problem'. But with the Russell seat it's not needed. Reaching the ground at stops did take some getting used to, but now it's not a problem.

    See picture: 3/4" square tubing, drilled with two holes and placed below the seat height adjustment mechanism. New bolts to reach all the way through.IMG_20170810_065440.jpg

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    +1 for the Russell.

    Quote Originally Posted by ExGMan View Post
    That looks like a Russell DL seat. If it is, it will probably have markings on the seat pan or even a sticker. You could get the AirHawk for the short term. Then, if it's a Russell you could stop in their shop in Shasta Lakes, CA and get and on-the-spot rebuild. You'd have to call ahead though to get a slot in the batting order, so to speak. The same would apply if it's not a Russell. They could do a rebuild on the original pan. Man an sure you have your credit card...

    Here's the Russell URL:
    If you could arrange to get into their shop they could rework a previously built Russell DL, or some other for an upcharge. I'm 300+ lbs and have a RDL on my RT, that was made for me. Heavy duty suspension and I swear, my butt never tires. Tried other off the shelf and even another custom. Nothing came even close. If you can't get it done on your trip, get an appointment and make it a winter project. Last resort, and the next best thing for me was a gel pad an upholsterer made me for not a lot of money and in less that a day. Check for upholstery shops where you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demet123 View Post
    I'm about a week into a two month trip across the states and up and down the West coast. Riding a 2002 R1150RT, see picture. Bike is performing well, but the seat is killing me. I literally have bruises on my butt. Sorry TMI I know. So long term I'll def be looking into a nice seat like the day long, or Corbin or whatever works! But in the short term, is there anything I can do to alleviate the pain? I don't think it's simply a matter of underwear, it feels more like the seat is just not cushy whether I want it to be, and/or it's just too much time with those two points of pressure, with no good way to shift weight for long periods.

    Will it get easier, will my butt harden lol?!?! Maybe a sheep skin cover? Something I can find at a cycle gear? I'm currently in Oklahoma, heading up into Colorado tomorrow, but today was short 2.5 hrs on the bike because it just was hurting too much, and I don't need to be anywhere until Sunday.

    Any advice appreciated!Attachment 62983

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    Everyone has an opinion on seats but no one ever mentions di-di's. Undies my boy. Cotton is like sandpaper. Get some good ExOfficio briefs and ride on. 16 bucks for di-di's is a LOT cheaper than a new sat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CABNFVR View Post
    Everyone has an opinion on seats but no one ever mentions di-di's. Undies my boy. Cotton is like sandpaper. Get some good ExOfficio briefs and ride on. 16 bucks for di-di's is a LOT cheaper than a new sat.
    +1 !

    Not just for riding a motorcycle, but all day/every day. Have been using ExOfficio's for years - no sign of 'wear and tear,' and best of all - you could endure a lengthy tour with just two pair. They get washed out in the motel sink each night, and then hang them via a clothespin on the curtains over the AC all night - perfectly clean and dry by morning.
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    One thing not mentioned - suspension.

    Story: Riding in Europe I rented an R1200R - just like the one I have at home, but with a stock low seat and ESA.

    I spent 2 days riding in Germany - I'd brought along my Freedom-Air cushion - but found I didn't need it. I was running the ESA in the mid-position. I had NO pain at all. None. Zilch. It was WONDERFUL!

    After a bit we wandered into the Czech Republic - and a bit of butt pain appeared after a long day riding. We then wandered south through Belgium, Switzerland and into Italy.. and I found I needed the Freedom-Air - and I had pain anyway.

    The difference is - the roads in Germany were basically flawless. The sudden understanding of why BMW thinks their seats are comfortable is simple - their roads are perfect and riding them isn't an exercise in impact absorption.

    I found in Italy and France that I needed to adjust the suspension to provide more pre-load - so it wouldn't bottom out. That helps a bunch and may seem counterintuitive (how does increasing the force to compress = comfort?) but it's worth a try if you have pain in the butt. It increases the available suspension travel before the suspension bottoms out.

    I've noticed the same thing riding around North America. I started rating the state's roads by Ibuprofen/hour. Some states are simply awful (West Virginia used to be great - but since Robert Bird passed away - the roads have become some of the worst I've encountered.. the coal trucks simply destroy the pavement.) Most of Canada I've been in (the eastern-half) has pretty good roads, except - the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island - a very painful but beautiful road. The pavement is bad enough (especially one half of it was under reconstruction 2 years ago last time I was there) that you get to slow down and enjoy the fabulous views.

    I'll also add that underwear AND outerwear are important. I love my LD-Rider underwear. I took about 10 days (got back Sunday) touring the Adirondacks and eastern Canada - and they were all I wore for underwear. You want pants where you can pull the back pockets up and away from where you sit. You want outer gear like an Aerostich that has no seams in the buttle-area (except the center seam - where pressure normally isn't put on it.)

    Oh - NJ roads - vary from somewhat great if freshly paved to awful if patched potholes exist. It's about a 1-IB/hour state. NY state was surprisingly better - the roads in upper NY state were in good repair and generally smooth.

    So the lessons learned (after 4 coast-to-coast trips and numerous trips north and south) - raise the preload, wear LD-Comfort, minimal air in the Freedom-Air cushion, and carry adequate Ibuprofen at all times. (BTW - I've tried beaded cushions - turned several points of pain into hundreds of points of pain, sheepskin fell like I was riding a shaggy dog, gel-cushions felt like I'd pooped my pants. Air cushions work for me.. YMMV..)

    Rubber side down eh?
    Don Eilenberger
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    You don't like saggy dogs?

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    Thumbs up LD undershorts

    LD seamless underwear: perfecto
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