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Thread: My butt hurts. A lot. Any advice?

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    My butt hurts. A lot. Any advice?

    I'm about a week into a two month trip across the states and up and down the West coast. Riding a 2002 R1150RT, see picture. Bike is performing well, but the seat is killing me. I literally have bruises on my butt. Sorry TMI I know. So long term I'll def be looking into a nice seat like the day long, or Corbin or whatever works! But in the short term, is there anything I can do to alleviate the pain? I don't think it's simply a matter of underwear, it feels more like the seat is just not cushy whether I want it to be, and/or it's just too much time with those two points of pressure, with no good way to shift weight for long periods.

    Will it get easier, will my butt harden lol?!?! Maybe a sheep skin cover? Something I can find at a cycle gear? I'm currently in Oklahoma, heading up into Colorado tomorrow, but today was short 2.5 hrs on the bike because it just was hurting too much, and I don't need to be anywhere until Sunday.

    Any advice appreciated!IMG_20170729_070335.jpg

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    You have a custom seat now. what brand is it?
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    An Airhawk will make a difference. Hopefully enough of a positive difference to make your trip enjoyable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyfr View Post
    You have a custom seat now. what brand is it?
    I was told by PO that he had seat recovered. So I guess it's a stock seat with new covering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    An Airhawk will make a difference. Hopefully enough of a positive difference to make your trip enjoyable.
    I'll look into that thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demet123 View Post
    I was told by PO that he had seat recovered. So I guess it's a stock seat with new covering.
    That seat isn't just recovered. The shape is vastly different than the stock seat, and it appears to have "wings" like the Russell Day Long, Rick Mayer, etc

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    Another vote for an air pad like Airhawk. They do take some fine tuning, you will be surprised to see how little air you need.
    Since you are in the middle of a trip and need immediate relief you might try Walmart for an ATV seat cushion , I have never used one but have heard good things about them. If it doesn't work you are out less than $20.

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    Airhawk, Beadrider or sheepskin should help. Find out the Mfr. o fthat seat, it was most likely tailored for someone of a different height/weight than you. It could be rebuilt to your specs.
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    Will it get easier, yes, your bottom will toughen up over the next couple of months. Bruising however is something different that would indicate some problem, make sure your not being pinched somewhere. I would try Aleve or other analgesic for temporary relief, I use naproxen as it agree's with my system more that others, your mileage may vary. I have used an Airhawk for 4 years now and love it, so much so, I put off ordering a new seat every year convincing myself I'm fine where I am. Call ahead to a dealer or two and see if they have one in stock, couldn't hurt to try one.

    Good luck, nothing like being uncomfortable on a long tour, embrace it if possible, it's part of the journey.
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    That looks like a Russell DL seat. If it is, it will probably have markings on the seat pan or even a sticker. You could get the AirHawk for the short term. Then, if it's a Russell you could stop in their shop in Shasta Lakes, CA and get and on-the-spot rebuild. You'd have to call ahead though to get a slot in the batting order, so to speak. The same would apply if it's not a Russell. They could do a rebuild on the original pan. Make sure you have your credit card...

    Here's the Russell URL:
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    Looks like a Russell.

    Short-term suggestion? Beads.

    Long-tern suggestion? Sargent
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    As others have mentioned that is definitely *not* a stock seat. Have you tried adjusting the seat position up/down? That might help.
    Cheap on-the-road options include a neoprene sleeping bag pad cut down to fit the seat. Cab driver beaded seat cushions might work.

    Uhmmmm, not to get too personal here, but what kind of undies do you wear? That choice might make a difference. There's a whole 'nother thread on that here:

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    Are you less weight than the PO? Not to be to personal but do you have a thin butt, not much padding? The less padding you have the softer seat you need. I was have similar issues. I talk to Voni at a resent rally she told me to move around on the seat A LOT. A few miles on the front, a few miles on the back, a few on the right then the left. It did help some. I also have a sheep skin too.
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    An Airhawk might do the trick for you. The secret is that less air is better than more air. You want to be like a quarter inch off the seat when sitting on it. I also have a Beadrider. On a previous bike, it worked great. On my F800GT, not so well. So what works for one bike and one seat, may not work on another. Luckily, they don't cost as much as a custom seat.

    It's a little late for this, but I'll toss out another thought. I had some really bad pain in my tailbone. I got it riding, and also on airline flights. Even long drives in a car would bring on a lot of pain. Prior to my two long trips in June and July, I started an exercise program. One of the things I do, is 60 situps a day. It worked. I was putting in 10 hour days with no pain at all, day after day.

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    If you are still getting used to the bike you may need to adjust your seating position. When I first rode my 02 RT with its Russell saddle I was coming from a totally different bike and the seat was super uncomfortable. After some experimentation I think I was sitting too far forward. I scooted back a bit and it made all the difference. After that the Russell seat was perfection, never caused me an issue. It looks like the bags you have strapped on the bike may be forcing you to ride towards the front of the seat. Might be worth making an adjustment so you can sit further back and see what that does for you.
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