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Thread: 2017 K1600B- Looking good.

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    Got my B, and LOVIN' IT!!

    I have no issue with the tuning of the bike. When setup for the highest performance - Dynamic / Road, I find the bike is fast, responsive and solid -- especially on the highway. My last ride was a 2014 GSA, which of course, is no speed demon LOL

    About the suitability of the admittedly smallish panniers for serious touring... I think that completely depends on what you need to pack to enjoy your trip. It fits 3 changes of clothes, 3 pairs of gloves, my Teva sandals, and a heated jacket liner. With that load, I find I can tour endlessly. Not everything is for everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    There's a new thread today on i-BMW where a member is saying the same thing about a 2018 GTL compared to a 2016 GTL.
    I would agree. Just picked up a 2018 GTL, did notice a difference in throttle response compared to the 2016. I work at a BMW dealer and several customers who moved up to the 2018 GTL had the same comments.

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