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Thread: Ride Safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by franko View Post
    So they stay far enough out of sight so as not to cause this reaction, but near enough that when something is spotted on cameras monitoring the roads, they can be dispatched in a timely manor.
    i know all of the hiding places and that's not it here, but I have thought perhaps they are simply turning a blind eye to it as you are thinking to allow traffic to move. That, AFAIC, is total BS. What they should do is indeed be a presence on the road so that people don't tailgate, don't speed, pay attention. Disappearing from sight only tacitly encourages it, and indeed that is what is happening here. If they did simply be presence on the main connector down the hill people might actually get ready to leave a few minutes earlier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwald View Post
    You seem to have a serious issue with authority, given your rant. That's OK.

    Just do whatever you think you have to do when you ride to be 'safe.'
    Well there's good authority and not so good authority, right? How about Nazi SS, they were authority, and we'd both have a serious issue w/ that abuse of power. i have a serious issue when that authority is based on nothing except the badge: no common sense, no judgement, doesn't really care about safety, just wants you to obey, that's it. They have a very tough job I appreciate, so I don't argue w/ police, but that is in part because I've only been pulled over 4x in 50y of driving and riding! Only one of those times was riding--I was cited for exceeding the speed limit by 10mph going down the connector road to Chico, called 'The Skyway', which is about 12m long. That cop was absolutely enraged because I didn't pull over quick enough for his liking. I told him I was not comfortable pulling over immediately because there was a very unstable shoulder surface where his lights went on so I went along another 1/3 of a mile to get to something that looked safer to negotiate. That didn't help, he did not want to hear anything beyond me bowing down and saying, Yes Sir, anything you say Sir. That's BS, and you're right, can't stand it!

    Yes, I do everything I think I have to do to ride safe. In fact, above all other considerations my only agenda is: to return home unscathed every single time out. I could write my own book about it, and I do things I don't see others ever do that are safety-driven. I really enjoy the challenge of it. These forums and several books on riding have been a big help on many things including safety considerations.

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