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Thread: Added Lighting - Clearwater or Denali

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    The Clearwater Darla lights I have are bright, but not the brightest anymore. The Clearwater webpage says they are 2000 lumens each. What makes them seem so bright, is they have a flood light beam, not a spot light. They spray light everywhere...which is good and has its drawbacks too. They do a good job of lighting up the road on a dark road with no traffic. But where I live, they are about useless. I have them turned down all the way because the light spray blinds oncoming traffic.

    If I bought another pair of lights, I'd buy the ADVMonster Model 55. The kit costs $170, compared to the $499 of the Clearwater Darla. I've used the ADVMonster Model 30 for about 70,000 miles and they looked like new when I sold the bike and performed flawlessly. The Model 55 has a 7 degree spot beam with a designed in light spread to light up the surrounding area...but not like a flood light. The Model 55 puts out 3000 lumens, compared to the 2000 lumens of the Darla. For my money, they are a better light and there is nothing substandard about the ADVMonster lights...even if I think the name is kinda weird.

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    +1 on the Clearwater Ericas. Have them on my 1200 GS with identical set up to bmwdean. They are excellent and worth the money IMHO.

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    Alternative solution!

    A little late response, but if you not purchased yet check out Black dog products. They sell a 6 led horizontal assembly that mounts between the forks above the fender. 3000 lumens and a wiring and brackets included. Led manufactured by Rigid Industries. Very bright and out of harms way just in case you go down.

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