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Thread: Checking in from the Eastern Shore of MD

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    Checking in from the Eastern Shore of MD

    I saw this site and decided to try out a trial membership. I hoping to get to know a few people while I am here. I have put a little over 25,000 miles on my Vulcan in the last 8 years but I am feeling the urge to move on. I look forward to meeting a few people and learning as I go


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    Welcome and enjoy the trail membership. I have been a member of MOA since sometime in 1986. I person I worked with convinced me to try it out. I did not have a bike at that time (last one was in the seventies when I was stationed in San Diego). I still don't have a bike, but have really enjoyed the magazine and structure of the club. I am now retired and looking at a 17 RT. I was researching the K1600 but it is a lot more than I want to ride (too easy to make the jump to light speed).
    Joined MOA in 1987

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