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Thread: Trade Spoke Wheels for Cast Wheels

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    Trade Spoke Wheels for Cast Wheels

    I have a 2016 R1200GS LC which came with the spoke wheels. I'm a street rider and prefer cast wheels. Anyone interested in making a trade?

    I live near Spartanburg, SC and would prefer a face to face trade somewhere within 200 mile radius of Spartanburg.
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    Well, along with the policy of not allowing "want to buy", "want to sell"........"want to trade" fits in there as well. This isn't cuz we don't want to see you accomplish your goal, it's because this thread will remain forever (there is no cleanup) and it could be a couple of years from now someone will be contacting you not realizing your post has long gone by.
    The Marketplace has a trade area that is better suited to your needs.
    I'll wait a while and then take this off screen.
    Good luck.
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    Try posting over on
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    Have created post in Marketplace.
    Already have a post in AdvRider and R1200GS Forums
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