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Thread: Motorcycle of the year

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3guy View Post
    As far as the protective gear goes......I had to chuckle at Bloomsburg as it was left in a lot of tents!
    It so often is, by the supposed adults in the room at most BMW MOA rallies. For ten or so years Voni and I have been instructors for Camp Gears for young riders at the National and we preach ATGATT. And then we go outside with the young riders and observe many, many of the adult rally attendees riding around the rally grounds in shorts, without helmets, with sandals or even flip-flops.

    So when I read on this forum and other forae, and on internet mailing lists all about how we BMW riders are ATGATT I usually scoff and grin. Go to a rally and see the truth.
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    That was definitely true at SLC, and not only on the rally grounds.
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    Biker VS Motorcyclist

    I'm glad I asked what the definition was from Gail's post on Biker vs. Motorcyclist, because I hadn't really thought about it. When I view a group of bikers, typically on loud, shiny, big cruisers (yes, usually Harley's) with the vests, tats, do-rags, and such, I do think they are more about image, and lifestyle, then the riding. I have made an effort to take training where and when I can, and become the best, safest rider I can be, while still enjoying the thrill riding on two wheels, and seeking centrifugal force. Maybe though, it speaks to something deeper and more basic. I've never run with the crowd, mostly a loner, often swimming upstream, going my own way. To join a group and adorn myself in a uniform to become a belonger goes against my grain. I did that once in my life, at the request of the President of the United States, for 730 wakeups, but I like making my own clothing choices in the morning (sorry, I digress!). My main focus after my work, and my family, is riding the back roads of America, and I do it mostly alone. I would prefer to run with someone who likes to ride similarly to me (my wife would worry less), but its hard to hook up dates, places, etc. I suspect a high proportion of the motorcyclists on this forum may relate to me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ExGMan View Post

    Indian is only part of the Polaris MC world. All Polaris MC Sales are down over 40% vs 2Q 2016 (Basis gross profit)
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    Quote Originally Posted by captainmarko View Post
    People want to be cool and to belong.

    Buy a Harley and you're in.

    It's a quick fix.

    Actually learning how to ride and ride well takes some time and commitment. And who wants to wear all that protective gear? Makes you look like a dork.
    I wanted to be an astronaut, but that flight suit would make me look like a dork. Then I wanted to be a diver...

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