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Thread: Bike lottery?

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    Bike lottery?

    Did I miss something? When did they draw for all the bikes? I cleaned out a spot in the garage in case I won one! Did the heat give me brain failure? Is there a list of winners?

    My apologies if this information is in plain sight.

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    April Earlybird K 1600 GT: Dennis Carr, Floyds Knobs, IN
    May Bonus R 1200GS Rallye: Jack Cronin, Denver, CO
    Drawing #1 S 1000 XR: Timothy Fisk, College Park, MD
    Drawing #2 R 1200 GS ADV: Matthew Winer, Atlanta, GA
    Drawing #3 K 1600 GT: Thomas McCaslin, Las Vegas, NV
    Drawing #4 R 1200 RT: Arthur Lawrence, St. Augustine, FL
    Drawing #5 S 1000 RR: James Francl, Appleton, WI
    Drawing #6 S 1000 XR: William Gillen, Clemson, SC
    Drawing #7 R 1200 GS ADV: Douglas Dodd, Marysville, TN
    Drawing #8 R 1200 RT: James Robinson, San Jose, CA
    Drawing #9 S 1000 RR: Lloyd Church, Cambridge, VT
    Drawing #10 S 1000 XR: Miles Dear, Austin, TX
    Drawing #11 R 1200 GS ADV: Michael Bell, Kenosha, WI
    Drawing #12 K 1600 GT: James Harr, Oklahoma City, OK
    Drawing #13 R 1200 RT: Douglas Barnes, Lake Ann, MI
    Drawing #14 S 1000 RR: Michael May, St. Louis, MO
    Drawing #15 S 1000 XR: Kerry Burrage, Dunsford, ON
    Grand Prize Winner's Choice: Eric Stewart, Gardiner, NY
    2016 R1200RS
    MOA # 30878
    Past BMW Bikes: 2011 K1300S, 2003 K1200RS, 1991 K75S, 1987 K75T, 1984 R100RT

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