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Thread: Possible warped rotor

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    Possible warped rotor

    I have this cross posted on the K16 forum but for a wider audience I'd like to ask here.

    About 10k miles ago I noticed an ever so slight pulse under light breaking that would end in a sort of judder the last few feet of a stop. Heavy breaking this was less noticable.

    I thought at 15k maybe the front pads we're going off, they were about 60 percent worn so I replaced the pads.

    This helped, but the problem quickly returned and is getting worse, mainly the last few feet of a stop there is a clear judder almost a grinding feeling.

    Rotors are smooth and it's not the rear since stops with just the rear brake are smooth.

    My feeling is a slightly bent rotor, just looking for opinions.

    I did lift the front wheel and there is no binding, I do not however have a way to measure run out.

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    Dear BMARC,

    The only way to verify if your rotors are warped is with the use of a dial gauge to measure run out.

    The good news is that you can buy a dial gauge kit for under $50 US.

    Before you buy one and the holder, you will need to check if you can use a magnetic holder to secure the gauge to the forks or if you are going to need another type of holder.

    Another thing I just thought of, have you cleaned the surface of your rotors before installing the new pads and are those pads BMW OE.

    Please email me here if you need more information or on the K1600 forum, I have the same user name there too, frenchnew.

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    Hi Thanks. The pads are ebc and I didn't clean the rotors when I swapped pads. I should have I know I should have but didn't have any scotch Brite pads.

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