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Thread: K75 purchase

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    K75 purchase

    Greetings from Northeast Nebraska. After hearing all the good stuff about a K75, I began looking to buy for one with under 50K miles. To my surprise, one would come up all the time on Craigslist. I have come across many with fewer than 10k and even under 5K miles. Am I missing something here? How could there be that many 25 year old bikes with that low of miles?
    Thanks for reading my first post,

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    A lot of K75's were bought for wives and for whatever reasons they were not used that often. Some were bought under this pretense and the owners could just not let go of them.

    I would prefer one gently used a little more than those with very low mileage as the seals may have been lubricated enough to not cause problems. Truth be told, if it came down to it, a low mileage unadulterated model at the right price, would be just too much for me to pass on.
    I really like these models.


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    In addition to Charlie's explination, the speedometer/odometer on early Ks had a bad habit of failing. Many had the cluster changed at some point in their lives, some more than once.

    There may or may not be a sticker under the seat to indicate the change and the mileage.

    Look closely at wear on grips, shifter rubber, brake pedal, and scuffing on the peg plates to evaluate whether the odometer reading seems reasonable.


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    Appreciate your input. Thanks Charlie and Lee.

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