Maybe I'm too bold to ask, but I'm doing a valve adjustment on my '88 K75C. Fuel mileage was about 35.5mpg, and so I'm going through procedures that might rectify this. Bike has relatively low miles, but who knows what the PO did?

I used the Lively tools and they work great. Front exhaust valve is tight with .216mm clearance. Middle exhaust valve is tight with .229mm clearance. Front had a 2.6mm shim, middle had a 2.55mm shim. The front needs a 2.55mm shim to get a .266mm gap, so I'll reuse the middle's for this. The middle needs a 2.5 to get the gap at .279.

At Bob's, a 2.5 shim is over $13 with $10 shipping.

Does anyone have a 2.5mm shim they could send me? Between cardboard taped in an envelope would be a postage stamp.

Sorry for begging, but can you see what you could do for me?

Thanks al!