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Thread: Hello everyone, newbie in Lansdale PA

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    Hello everyone, newbie in Lansdale PA

    Hello all, after 48 years of riding I just purchased my first BMW. I have been yearning for an RT for many years, but decided at this stage of my riding career I wanted to have a smaller lighter bike so I went with an F800 GT and am loving it. I hope to get to know some local people here and maybe do some riding. Thanks
    Mike Snyder

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    Hi Mike and welcome to the Forum!
    I used to work near Enterprise and Stump Road, and my brother used to live in Lansdale... small world...

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    Not from Lansdale, but I was in your town briefly a month ago. Nice place. Enjoy your F800GT. Looking forward to pictures.
    1972 R75/5
    1993 R100R

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