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Thread: Tires for R60/2

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    Tires for R60/2

    Well just mounted my new tires and they don't fit. I copied my setup from my Guzzi which also took 3.50 x 18 tires. I mounted 110 in front and 120 in the rears but i guess the Guzzi has a very large fender bay.

    Anyway, What is the correct or best tire size to use ? I am trying to understand the Barrington book and i am not sure if he is saying to go 3.5 in front and 4.0 in the rear

    Any help appreciated. Best

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    Earles fork or US fork?

    On the earles fork bikes the front and rear tires are 3.50 x 350 and should be the same tread pattern and interchangeable.

    On the US /2 the front is a 3.50 x 18 and the rear is a 4.00 x 18. When you have a US front end bike ('68-'69) and you mount the 4.00 x 18 you might have to deflate the tire a little to get it past the left shock bolt & nut.

    I don't know about the inch metric conversion for the tires on the /2 bikes so you have to keep searching for that.

    Bench Mark Works has the tires you need for you /2, its your choice if you want a close replica or the high dollar replacement tire for the /2.

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    Size depends on rear drive ratio for rear tire

    25/8 ratio stamp on rear drive use 3.50-18 tires both wheels solo bike

    27/8 ratio stamp on rear drive use 3.50-18 tire front and 4.00-18 tire rear solo bike

    Some examples:

    4.00-18 Rear Tire


    Metzeler Block-C 3.50-18 Front/Rear Tire

    3.50-18 Front/Rear tire

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    I've been using the IRC GS-11 series on my R69S, 3.5 in front, 4.0 in back.
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