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Thread: Mid October Weather - Northern CA, Reno

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    Mid October Weather - Northern CA, Reno

    I am planning a M/C trip the second week of October this year from Seattle to Reno and back. I would likely slab it to northern CA (Mt Shasta) on I-5 and then explore north CA on my way over to Reno for a few days. What kind of weather might I expect? Fall time - I would hope it would be spot on down in beeutiful California.
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    You can expect great weather at that time of year, as well as a minimum of traffic in the Sierras.

    I did a "Passes" ride last the second week of October 2016. Started at the south end of the Sierras and headed north crossing first one way (west to east) then north to the next pass and east to west - alternated all the way up to Susanville and then 36 across to Highway 1 on the coast and back down to home near Santa Rosa.

    Have fun !
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    You should be okay...but.

    October can be pretty surprising weather wise. We used to live in the Reno area, did a lot of riding throughout the Sierras. Over the years living down there we visited family up here frequently. Now that we live up here, we visit family down there frequently! LOL

    I'm guessing your route is from Shasta through Hat Creek and Susanville. It's a nice ride that time of year, but it can be pretty cool in the mornings. An alternate route that's somewhat parallel is Shasta - Lassen - Almanor - Quincy - Reno. A bit more scenic and curvy, but that time of year Lassen can get closed by snow if the season starts early.

    Have fun!
    Bill Johnston

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    Northeastern California rides

    I live in Susanville, some rides I recommend:

    Ride through Lassen Volcanic Park
    Ride from Red Bluff to Fortuna on Hwy 36
    Ride 395 to 70, 70 to 49, 49 to 89 to Truckee

    Ride safe,


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    Mid October in Northern California (the beautiful state of Jefferson) is when the colors change and makes for some great rides. Most people from the north who are heading to Reno take 89 out of Mt. Shasta. Highly recommended. Be sure to take some pictures of Mt. Shasta while on 89.


    Burney Falls are along the way.

    Burney falls.jpg

    Enjoy the ride.
    Enjoying life in the beautiful state of Jefferson
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    IMG_0770.jpgWeather here is great in October. Usually it's relatively dry but we have had heavy October rain. I would just prepare for both. I second Hwy 89, and the ride through Lassen Volcanic National Park. I rode through the park yesterday. There is still snow at the pass summit, but it was 68 degrees. It was over 100 in the valley at the time.

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    Lassen Volcanic Park- Another picture

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