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Thread: Hello - Long Time Admirer, First Time Owner

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    Hello - Long Time Admirer, First Time Owner

    Hello all,

    I have liked the BMW motorcycle for as long as I can remember. I think it began when I was a kid watching a Tour de France and the Beemers were pace bikes. The bikes and their riders captivated me, they moved and acted as one...not flashy, a subtle presence of power.

    I have ridden what I could afford for the last 4 decades, Yamahas and currently 1997 Suzuki Bandit 1200. The Bandit is a great bike, powerful, agile...but it's staying young, going from 0 - 60 in the blink of an eye...and I'm getting old, 60 will be here in the blink of an eye.

    I bought a 2003 K1200RS yesterday(6/29/17). One owner, always garaged(heated), well maintained. The seller, after the deal was done, handed over his BMW jacket with liner and Schuberth helmet, both fit fine (I will need a liner for the Schuberth, suggestions?)

    There is a learning curve going from the Bandit to the say the least. These are my first observations as a new Bimmer jockey, please take them with a grain of salt, okay, shaker of salt. And after all, they are two completely different bikes:
    - The Bandit leaps off the start, the BMW is more cautious and then it rushes forward.
    - The Bandit involved a lot of shifting, she wanted a lot of attention from the rider...the BMW eases into a gear and is happy to stay there much longer.
    - The BMW is comfortable, no heavy hands on the bars. The Bandit needed the reins held tightly.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming miles learning how to become, like those pace riders from the Tour de France I saw as a with the machine, a subtle powerful presence.

    Thank you for reading and for any shared wisdom,

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    Like you Paul, I grew up watching the Tour de France, and I too was fascinated by the BMW motorcycle cameramen.
    Welcome to the MOA, welcome to the forums. We are all gearing up to go to National this weekend, always an exciting time for the Club, sometimes it makes the activity on the forums a bit anemic, (which is a good thing right about now, the club needs to do "actual" social sometimes).

    Couple of suggestions, on the Schubert, (I've had Schuberths for years now.) either go to the website or amazon, you can order the replacement liners, visors, and other components for your size and model helmet.

    And the other; in the BMW Motorrad world of America, our term of endearment for our beloved steeds is Beemer. Bimmer is how our sister club, the CCA (care club of America) refers to their BMW's... a minor point for sure, but the fine degree of nuanced BMW MOA education has begun.

    Again, welcome to the Club Paul, we are glad you are here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    Bimmer is how our sister club, the CCA (care club of America) refers to their BMW's...
    Cars = bimmer
    Motorcycles = beemer

    Autocorrect probably messed that up

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    Thanks for the education!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikegalbicka View Post
    Cars = bimmer
    Motorcycles = beemer

    Autocorrect probably messed that up
    Selling BMW bike= bummer (many years down the road)

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