I'm a new member as of 6/21/17 and opted in for Roadside assistance. Even though my "card" won't arrive until long after I'm "gone", Ray was kind enough to provide my member number via email as it is yet to be posted as an online membership card that I can print, (as of 07/08/17).

So, let's pretend I'm halfway between somewhere and nowhere and have a breakdown requiring assistance. After searching the site from my home computer I'm unable to locate contact information on who or where, or how to obtain roadside? Do I call the MOA phone number and cry? Just kidding but info to access the add on that I opted into with my membership, I can't locate. I will depart with onboard rescue tools but what to I do if they prove insufficient?

Just a gentle suggestion. To attract new members, you might consider a "New Member" package that would, on a timely basis include a membership card (with number) and a guide to "extra" services purchased. I would love to merge into this organization but the front end is not a hug, not even close. You could easily charge an extra ten dollars for a first time package to speed the number/card process and provide a PDF for new members.

Guidance please on RS Assistance.

Thank you