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Thread: Intro and seeking a repair shop.

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    Intro and seeking a repair shop.

    My name is Mike and I am fairly new to MOA, have been a lurker for many many years... Finally joined the club recently. I used to lurk around on I-Bmw and K-Bikes forums quite a bit. I have owned a black 02 K1200RS for over 6 years now, and for the most part have done many upgrades and all the maintenance to this beast on my own. My previous bikes were not BMWs but Japanese super sports, I came off a Honda RC51 to my K1200 . I have been wrenching on cars for close to 20 years and in the recent years "retired" to working on EVs.

    My bike has seen some upgrades over the years : Ohlins approx 5 years ago, Remus exhaust, comfort ,cosmetics and safety mods (lights, horn etc.)

    Last few years I haven't been riding much due to not having enough time and not a very fun commute to work. This year I have been on the bike pretty much all the time, riding the wheels off it after having a custom chip I've thrown in over winter when I did fresh fuel filter, fuel quick connects (one was still plastic somehow!) and air filter.

    Today I got home and was giving the bike a once over in my driveway before putting in for the night, and I've noticed some strange wear on my sidewall. I run Pilot Road 4 GTs on my bike and had them fitted last year (did not ride much), but noticed as if something was rubbing on the edge of the tread/sidewall area. It appears to me as if the tire is rubbing on the drive shaft housing. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the pivot is covered in a bunch of brass like material/shavings and its slightly damp in that area.

    Looks like my diff or pivot bearings had finally let go . Bike has 50K miles and I've been using Motul fluids in the bike with the correct GL5 rating for the gearbox and the diff (80w90 mineral in the diff), I've been using Rotella 15w40 in the engine since I've brought her home. If the pivot bearing is gone, maybe the diff is ok - I don't hear any abnormal noise. Boot around the pivot bearings has always been slightly "wet looking" but I have never seen any fluid leaking from the hub area. Grabbing the wheel and giving it a wiggle produces some play which is hard to pin point. I don't think I feel it in the bearing as much as I feel it more in the pivot.

    Obviously this couldn't come at a better time, as I was planning on taking the old girl to Charlotte in a week and a half for a work related trip. Plan was to make a stop in Fontana Dam for the weekend to do some runs down the Cherohala Skyway and 129. I think the ole girl is upset with me (my punishment!), because I've been out riding other bikes at dealerships - not to replace her, but to add a lighter bike for a easier ride to and from work. She has seen me smiling from ear to ear after getting back to the dealer from test rides.... I'm pretty emotionally attached to the ole girl and finding a good replacement for her as my new commuter has been very tough- I said no to a new RnineT for instance. I found the K more fun

    Any independent shops/home mechanics whom I can trust with my girl ? I am planning on calling up Cycle Werks in Barrington tomorrow to see if they can get me in. I have a feeling on such short notice I will be forced to fly to NC and won't get a chance to ride my bike out there.

    Thanks for the long read, hope to meet some riders out in Galena next month !
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    Move or re post in the flying brick k bike section will get more action

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    Quote Originally Posted by 179212 View Post
    Move or re post in the flying brick k bike section will get more action
    He can't move this, it's a Moderator thing. I think he posted here as he was looking for something in his area.
    If he wants it moved, he can send me a Private Message or post in the thread.
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    Yep I was looking for someone local, hence posting it here vs flying brick section. Dealers are a month out appointment lead times, so looks like I need to order up all the parts and get this done by myself. I can't stand not having my ride peak of the season.

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    Hi again try up top and under tools is list of charted clubs in Illinois northern Illinois bmw riders have of repair videos fixing stuff I think I saw one on final drive stuff k bikes

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    Thumbs up Chi Reg'?

    Maybe some help at CRBMWMOA
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