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Thread: Cost $$ to visit rally on Saturday

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    Cost $$ to visit rally on Saturday

    I live just an hour or so from the rally in Salt Lake. Because of commitments taking up the weekend, my wife and I would like to visit for a few hours on Saturday. Mostly to look at bikes and check out vendors, etc.

    I thought I read somewhere that a day pass is $35! I can't believe that the rally would charge a member $70 to come a see the action for a little bit.

    Can anyone help me. Is there an entrance fee for a quick day time visit? Thank you.

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    Yes, there is a day pass for $35 per person, Saturday only. No rally packet or door prize tickets. Vehicle(s) must park outside the gate.
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    That is the cost.
    Until a couple of years ago there weren't day passes.

    MN Viking game tickets cost $39 -$160.
    MN Twins tickets are $25-$118

    At least at the Rally your team won't lose.

    Even if you only stay for one hour (which I can't wrap my head around as I will be there for at least 3 days and not see everything) it is less than the dealers charge for one hour of service.

    Plan to stay all or most of the day. If it is your first National Rally tell them at registration and get a first timer button. Wear the button. Visit with at least some of the people that because of the button make a point to welcome you to the rally. Go through the vintage bike display. visit the vendors, attend some seminars. Next thing you know it will be 8 p.m., you have a couple of new friends, a big smile on your face and catch yourself making plans to ride to Des Moines for 2018.


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